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President - Kathy Arthur

If you are reading this message, I know that you care about electing Democrats to grow the community of Cuyahoga Falls. One result of our Democratic Council and Mayor is that Cuyahoga Falls was designated a welcoming city. What does that mean. The Park Board selected a Park Superintendent that is creating a Park environment that meets the differing needs of our community be they kids, kids with special needs, older adults, people of a different cultures, or healthy fit adults. It means that each of the Council members listen to constituents leading them to understand how to better their neighborhoods.

You say what can I do? I say support your Democratic Council and Mayor by helping them win this very important elections. It mean walking the neighborhoods, donating money and attending events to support Drew Reilly, Meika Penta, Tim Gorbach, Susan Spinner, Frank Stams, Jerry James, Gary DeRemer, and Mary Nichols-Rhodes.

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