Profile: Jerry James

Ward 7 Council

There is not a better city than Cuyahoga Falls to raise a family and call home. I have been a home owner in ward seven for 39 years and raised two sons with my beautiful wife Linda. I am a proud Black Tiger and graduate of Cuyahoga Falls High School and earned my degree in Business Management from the University of Akron. I have served on council for nine terms and was former Council President and current Pro Tem, Sergeant at Arms. I am respected and trusted by my peers on council because they know that they can count on my honesty and integrity while conducting city business matters. I bring stability and consistency in representation to the residents of ward seven. Experience and seniority have equaled results for our ward. Every resident is represented fairly and equally. The residents in ward seven know that I am dependable and proactive in addressing their concerns about our neighborhoods and city services. I thoroughly enjoy talking to people in our community and meeting new residents. I have taken the time to respond to the needs of our citizens and hear their concerns through neighborhood walks, phone calls, and social media. I factor empathy and compassion into every decision to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods and keep them safe, strong, and vibrant. I also take great pride in the fiscal strength of the entire city. I currently serve as Chair of the Industrial and Public Improvements Committee and Vice Chair of the Finance and Appropriations Committee. I take the responsibility of managing our public funds seriously and make sure that we invest our money wisely in development projects and fundamental maintenance. I will continue to support the revitalization efforts for the economic growth of the city. The re-opening of Front Street brought back our Main Street USA. Front Street now has restaurants and small businesses and with that brings job opportunities and new tax revenue. It's truly a wonderful experience to see children playing on the splash pad, couples having dinner on one of the sidewalk patios, or families stopping for an ice cream. We can continue to attract new industries and create opportunities for small business owners throughout our city by ensuring our infrastructure is conducive for future development projects. We can protect our property values by maintaining our neighborhoods and giving our residents a city to work, play, and call home. Investing back into our municipality to safeguard our common wealth and assets will provide residents a greater quality of life for future generations.

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